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Eyewash Station
Rental: Speciality Equipment -
Rental: Portable Eyewash Station, - RSH100
Rental:MagneticCableLocator - RSE100
Rental: ISCO3700 Sampleray - RSW105

Rental: Speciality Equipment

Some instruments are just hard to classify. If you don't see it elsewhere check here for equipment you may need on occasion. 

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 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Rental: Portable Eyewash Station. ANSI 2358.1 Daily: $5, Weekly: $20, Monthly: $50
In Stock 1 $5.00
Rental: Schonstedt MAC 51BX Magnetic Cable Locator Daily: $30, Weekly: $90, Monthly: $270
In Stock 1 $45.00
Rental: ISCO 3700 Water Sampler, (Min 3 Daily: $65, Weekly: $300, Monthly: $500
In Stock 1 $65.00