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Foot Valves -
Foot Valves -

Foot Valves

EON Foot Valves are installed on tubing at the intake end of small diameter tubing to prevent backflow when pumping stops or to allow water to be pumped up the tubing ("inertial" pumping) by oscillating the tubing up and down vigorously in a water column.

Select Valve size from below based on well diameter and tubing size.

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Footvalve: 11/16in OD X 1/4in tubing barb
In Stock 1 $9.00
Footvalve: 11/16in OD X 3/8in tubing barb
In Stock 1 $7.00
Footvalve: 11/16in OD X 1/2in tubing barb
In Stock 1 $7.00
Footvalve: .50in OD Delrin (fits 3/8in ID tubing)
In Stock 1 $8.95
Footvalve: .625in OD Delrin
In Stock 1 $8.95
Footvalve: 1.0in OD Delrin
In Stock 1 $8.95
Footvalve: 1.25in OD Delrin
In Stock 1 $23.50