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    XRF Analyzers for GeoChem analysis use low energy X-Rays to perform rapid screening of earth samples including; mining materials, ores, and other non-metalic materials. The Mining calibration is used when the concentration of the elements of interest is expected to be above 1%. The Soil calibration is used for analyzing low concentrations that are in the parts per million range (ppm). Perform rapid screening, or produce lab-quality quantitative data with additional sample preparation.

    Mining & Exploration

    Field-portable XRF is an excellent tool for quickly and thoroughly screening or delineating a site, and for process control. Identify minerals present and their concentration. Test times can range from about 10 seconds to about a minute depending on the elements present and the concentration.

    Because earth materials, and especially processed ores can vary greatly, it is important to have assayed samples representing the range of materials expected in the field, so that the standard calibrations can be adjusted before use and then verified in the field.

    For lab-quality quantitative results, soil samples can be prepared by drying and sieving and then tested in the field or office. Screening may be as simple as testing core samples or bulk materials.

      • Make rapid decisions in the field

      • Control processing and blending

      • Test soil cores and establish depth vs. concentration profiles

      • Establish site specific test protocols to save time

      • Determine areas for more thorough drilling or lab testing

        XRF Anlyzers for Mining allow rapid, in the field testing of mining materials including core samples, loose materials, and in place deposits to determine the type and concentration of metal elements. Frequently used for elements such as Titanium, Iron, Phosphorous, Gold, Copper, Uranium and many more. Tests typially take  less than one minute.

        Contact EON to discuss your specific application and what XRF can do for you.

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        Environmental XRF analyzers are used to metal elements in earth materials and Ores common materials such as Soil or on Air Filters and in Consumer Goods for screening and measuring to regulatory compliance or Health & Safety.
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