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    EON rents environmental XRF Analyzers to  help identify elements of interest and their concentratiuon in earth materials and mining ores.

    Soil Screening & Testing

    XRF is an excellent tool for quickly and thoroughly screening or delineating a site, and for real-time process control. In the field the XRF can often be used directly on the sample with no additional preparation.

    For Lab-Quality quantitative results soil samples can be prepared by drying and sieving and then tested in the field or office. 

    Since mining materials vary widely, it is most important to have assayed samples representing the range of materials to be tested and element concentrations, to confirm the instrument will perform successfully or require calibration adjustment. 

    Thorough site investigations proceed rapidly and reveal  element and concentration patterns.

    • Make decisions fast, in the field
    • Control process
    • Avoid confirmatory lab testing of high-concentration samples 
    • Test cores for depth profiles 
    • Identify areas for more drilling or testing

    Ask EON to help you establish a testing protocol for your site. We sell and rent XRF analyzers and we provide instrument and applications training to make project run smoother and easier.

    EON's fleet of XRF analyzers do not use radioactive isotopes and are therefore easy to transport. Registration of some form is required in all states and we will help with state registration.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Rental: GeoChem Analyzer for Mining Full Element Suite; Daily: $450, Weekly: $1500, Monthly: $3750
    1-Day Rate 1 $450.00