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    EON stocks a large inventory of Rope and Cord. Most of our rope is used in wells for suspending and retrieving samplers such as bailer and as suspension tether for passive samplers. Though most well applications are light duty, the composition and mechanics can affect performance.

    Rope: Rope is a general term applied to a length of fibers that are twisted or braided together in one of a number of patterns to provide lifting or pulling strength. Rope may be manufactured of natural or synthetic fibers to produce specific handling and strength characteristics.

    Cord: Cord is another name for small diameter rope.


    • Nylon: Synthetic material offering good strength and very good abrasion resistance. Nylon Resists hydrocarbon but absorbs some water which causes slight swelling and lengthening. We recommend Nylon for use with bailers and other equipment that does not have to maintain a fixed location in a well. Not recommended for passive sampling installations
    • Polypropylene: Synthetic fiber with moderate strength. Resists acids, alkalis, and hydrocarbons and it floats. Polypropylene is the material of choice for long term submerged installations because of its chemical resistance and low price. Excellent for passive sampling installations.
    • Cotton: Natural fiber has low strength. Holds up well in Alkalis, poorly in hydrocarbon. Cotton is easy on the hands and is good for raising and lowering equipment in a well when it will not be dedicated. Good for general purpose and above ground applications.

    Select Rope from the list below based on material and length.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Rope Nylon 1/8in Solid Braid
    In Stock 1 $23.50
    Rope: Nylon 1/8in Solid Braid, 1000 ft
    In Stock 1 $38.40
    Rope Poly Solid Braid 1/8in x 50ft on spool
    In Stock 1 $3.00
    Rope Polypropylene 1/8in Hollow Braid Yellow 1000 ft
    In Stock 1 $30.60
    Rope Polypropylene 1/8in Hollow Braid Yellow 3000 ft
    In Stock 1 $78.60
    Rope Poly Solid Braid 3/16in x 50ft on spool
    In Stock 1 $3.60
    Rope Polypropylene 3/16in Hollow Braid White-1000ft Spool
    In Stock 1 $27.50
    Rope: Poly 1/4in Hollow Braid, 1000 ft
    In Stock 1 $35.00