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    Stainless Steel braided cable (wire rope) is used for suspending passive samplers, bailers and other groundwater sampling equipment in wells. It is available in a variety of thicknesses to suit the application. Thicker cables can be used as safety cable for pumps and other expensive down hole equipment.

    Stainless Steel cable is made from thin strands of stainless steel which are twisted together in a specific pattern to make a larger cable. The number and thickness and pattern determine the strength, flexibility, and cost of the final cable. The manufacturing operation is very industrial and therefore the final cable may have a dirty film twisted into the braid.

    Though stainless steel resists rusting it is still susceptible to the effects of corrosion, especially if the groundwater has a low pH or high dissolved solids or chlorides. Careful consideration should be given to the use of stainless steel so that it is not used in groundwater conditions where it could fail.

    Thin cables are usually used to reduce initial cost and weight and for flexibility.  Thin cables will also tangle easier and, if conditions are present, corrode faster than thicker cables. Nylon and Teflon coated stainless steel cable is available for added chemical resistance and longer life.

    EON supplies a variety of Stainless Steel cable options, primarily as the suspension tether for passive sampling installations. We can provide customized, pre-finished cables and accessories for attaching samplers.

    Select from cable diameters and plain or coated cables from the list below. 

    For completed custom tether assemblies for passive sampling click here.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Wire Cable Stainless Steel 1/32in diameter
    In Stock 1 $0.50
    Wire Cable Stainless Steel 3/64in diameter
    In Stock 1 $1.20
    Wire Cable Stainless Steel 5/64in (.0781) diameter
    In Stock 1 $1.30
    Wire Cable: Stainless Steel 1/32in diameter Teflon Coated, per ft
    In Stock 1 $1.50
    Wire Cable SST 3/64in Nylon Coated
    In Stock 1 $1.50