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Available for sale or for rent, EON’s portable, handheld X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers  allow for quick, in-field and non-destructive identification and measurement of elements in common materials for commercial and environmental applications. 

Metal Alloy Identification - Sciaps XRF instruments are commonly used by recycling companies to quickly identify and separate ferrous and non-ferrous alloys into specific grades so they can be consolidated and remelted. Industrial facilities, like refineries and power plants use XRF to perform Positive Material Inspoection (PMI) tests to ensure materials and piping in-place and incoming meet the specification to avoid expensive or catastrophic failures. Manufacturers use XRF instruments as a Q/A, Q/C tool for metal alloys used to build their products.

• Mining & Environmental Screening - Environmental consultants and regulators use hand-held XRF to rapidly screen soil, plastic, or other materials for hazardous metals down to the low parts-per-million concentration to comply with health and safety regulations. The results can be used to cut cost when excavating contaminated soils by providing realtime guidance for depth and area of soil removal. Portable XRf can be used in mining for exploration and for controlling the mining process and ore refinement by displaying the concentration of key elements and pathfinders in localized areas.

• Consumer Products Screening - There are numerous regulations that specify limits to the amount or type of metals that can be added to consumer goods including; clothing, furniture, and toys. XRF serves as a rapid screening tool for the specific metals that have identified because it can produce a results in seconds and the tests are non-destructive.

With more than 24 years of experience, the team at EON is ready to help you select the right tool to accurately identify metal alloys or verify the concentration of specific elements in a number of materials, including, consumer goods, plastics, soil and more. We also offer applications engineering and training. Interested in renting? Check out our rental selection of handheld XRF analyzers, and we’ll provide you with any assistance you may need, 24 hours a day.

XRF Environmental Analyzers for Soil
Availability: Configured to Order

XRF Analyzers use low energy X-Rays to perform rapid, non-destructive testing or screening for hazardous metals in soil and in bulk materials where hazardous metal concentrations are expected in the parts per million (ppm) range. Perform rapid screening, for regulatory compliance remediation control or produce lab-quality quantitative data with additional sample preparation and presentation. Soil Screening & Testing Sciaps XRF analyzers rapidly identify and quantify metals contamination in...

XRF GeoChem Analyzers for Mining & Exploration
Availability: Configured to Order

XRF Analyzers for GeoChem analysis use low energy X-Rays to perform rapid screening of earth samples including; mining materials, ores, and other non-metalic materials. The Mining calibration is used when the concentration of the elements of interest is expected to be above 1%. The Soil calibration is used for analyzing low concentrations that are in the parts per million range (ppm). Perform rapid screening, or produce lab-quality quantitative data with additional sample preparation. Mining &...

XRF Metal Alloy Analyzers
Availability: Configured to Order

XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) is a non-destructive technique which uses low-energy x-rays for identifying metal alloys and percent concentration of key elements. Sciaps portable XRF Analyzers quickly and accurately analyze all types, shapes and sizes of metal in seconds and display the Grade ID and Chemistry. Manufacturing and process industries use portable XRF instruments for PMI, NDT, incoming materials inspections and Q/A. Recycling and scrap facilities use XRF for identifying, sorting, and...