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EON offers a comprehensive selection of durable and economical groundwater sampling and pump tubing types, including:

• Polyethylene (LDPE & HDPE) nylon

• Silicone

• FluoroPolymer

• and more

Many of our groundwater tubing supplies are selected to ensure little to no chemical reaction between the tubing material and the water sample.

We provide equipment for many environmental and industrial applications, including air quality, soil gas sampling and more. Plus, EON is the number one supplier of passive groundwater sampling supplies! To find out more about our groundwater sampling and pump tubing products, call our team of experts today at or contact us online.

Groundwater Sampling and Remediation Tubing | EON Pro | LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Tubing
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LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is translucent white and very chemically resistant. It is the most used tubing for groundwater sampling as it combines economical price with chemical compatibility. LDPE is somewhat stiff though bendable and can be coiled.

Tubing: Teflon Lined LDPE
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TLPE (Teflon Lined Polyethylene) is polyethylene tubing with a thin internal lining of Teflon for added chemical compatibility on the inside surface where samples make contact.

Tubing: FluoroPolymers (Teflon-Type)
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Teflon tubing is used in critical sample collection events where standard materials such as polyethylene may interfere with the sample results. Teflon tubing is stiff and opaque white.

Tubing: Silicone
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Silicone tubing is opaque white and is chemically resistant, flexible, and springs back to its original shape when crushed or bent. Silicone tubing is used in peristaltic pump heads.

Tubing: Nylon
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Nylon tubing is lightweight with excellent bend radii and pressure ratings and is resistant to solvents, alkalies, oils, greases and petroleum products.

Tubing: Vinyl
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Chemically resistant to alkalies, alcohol, aliphate, hydrocarbons, oils, and some acids. Retains transparency. Stands up to rough handling. Odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic.