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EON’s portable, handheld LIBS analyzers (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) allow for quick, in-the-field materials identification. Using a miniature laser beam focused to a pinpoint on the material surface, these elemental analyzers can identify metal alloys for scrap sorting and PMI, especially where light-element analysis including carbon content, is critical.  They are used in GeoChem applications for mining materials analysis, forensics, archaeology, and research, and can produce a response across the entire periodic table.

The hand-held "gun" uses a 50 micron diameter laser beam to burn a tiny amount of surface material and create miniature flashes of light that can be analyzed across the optical spectrum to identify the elements and their concentration in almost any material. Many in the industry recognize Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) from their experience with benchtop lab equipment or with bulky, unwieldy cart based "Arc/Spark" systems. 

Sciaps has now made it possible to perform OES analysis with a highly portable and easy to use handheld instrument.

  • Sciaps Z200 series LIBS instruments use OES to determine the elements and their concentrations in metal alloys. Laser is especially suited for OES and for identifying light elements that are difficult or can't be seen by XRF, including; Aluminum, Magnesium, Silicon, Beryllium, Lithium, for Aluminum, Copper, Bronze and Carbon!

  • Sciaps Z300 instruments are able to identify every element in the periodic table making them suited for earth materials, plastics, ceramics, and other man-made materials and artifacts. 

With more than 24 years of XRF and LIBS experience, the team at EON is ready to help you select the right tool to accurately identify metal alloys or verify the concentration of specific elements in man-made and earth materials, including; matal alloys, consumer goods, plastics, soil and more. Our convenient, high-quality LIBS analyzers for can be utilized in a number of applications, such as Scrap Sorting, PMI Inspections, Manufacturing Quality Assurance, Mining, and more.

In addition to our selection of high-quality Sciaps instruments, EON also offers applications engineering and training. 

Sciaps Z300 GeoChem LIBS Analyzer
Availability: Configured to Order

LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) technology enables rapid identification of the elements in almost any material in seconds, using a field-portable, hand-held "laser gun". Used with the GeoChem application software the SciAps "Z" series of instruments provides qualitative analysis for earth materials and includes generic concentration calibrations. The included, Profile-Builder software allows the user to create specialty calibrations and identify elements in almost any other...