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Air Sampling and Gas Detection Instruments from EON

We sell and rent high-quality air sampling and gas detection instruments, including explosive gas (LEL) meters, photoionization detectors (PIDs) and flame ionization detectors (FIDs). These air sampling instruments use specialized sensors to alert you of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as many other potentially-dangerous gasses.

EON’s selection of gas detection equipment will help ensure the safety of your worksite! Call our knowledgeable team today at

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Photoionization Detectors (PIDs)
Photoionization detectors (PIDs) are comprehensive air sampling and gas detection instruments used to account for the total concentration of VOCs in the air, rather than the amount of individual compounds. Our durable, handheld PIDs can be useful for a number of applications, including environmental screening, air sampling and general worker safety, and they produce accurate readings in all environmental conditions.

Gas Detection Meters-Rental
Hoping to rent equipment for gas detection? In addition to our selection of products available for purchase, EON also has a rental fleet of quality-inspected gas detection meters for those who need the occasional use of specific instruments for air sampling. Each product is guaranteed to be clean and calibrated!

Calibration Gas & Supplies
All air sampling and gas detection instruments require regular checking and adjustments to ensure they are fully-calibrated and producing accurate readings. Our calibration supplies include the most-common as well as specially-mixed calibration gasses, regulators, tubing and accessories.