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Elemental Analyzers for Alloy and GeoChem: 

Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzers

EON experts have been assisting customers for more than 20 years with the collection and analysis of reliable measurements of the elements present in their materials, using high-quality portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers. We provide applications assistance,and training and we have the accessories and supplies, that make sample preparation, testing and data collection faster and easier.

Accurately identify metal alloys or measure metal elements to the low parts-per-million in in the field for many diverse applications, with our X-Ray Fluorescence analyzers. 

Portable Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Analyzers

LIBS analysis is an Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) method that has been in use in labs for decades. Bench-top and semi-portable arc/spark analyzers are a familiar type of OES technology that use an electrode and high voltage power to spark a metal sample. 

Sciaps replaced the electrode with a miniature laser and have miniaturized the technology for use in a hand-held LIBS gun. The laser burns a pinhead size amount of the sample and analyzes the light emitted from the spark to determine what elements and at what concentration.   The elements and amount in percent or ppm are displayed on the screen in 3 seconds. 

Unlke X-ray technology, LIBS can analyze light elements, including carbon, which is a key element in many steels and stainless steels. Sciaps has produced the only hand-held analyzer that can measure carbon in steel to identify and separate low carbon steel allows and stainless steel L-Grades from Standard Grades, as well as general alloy identification.

Portable XRF and LIBS are used for Alloy Identification and GeoChemical Analysis

Portable XRF and LIBS are used for Alloy Identification and GeoChemical Analysis

Alloy instruments are used for; Scrap and Metal Alloys identification, Positive Materials Identification (PMI) and Precious Metals Analysis are available.

GeoChem instruments are used for; Mining, Environmental Soil Analysis, Testing for Lead in Paint and Hazardous Metals in Plastics, Consumer Goods, Forensics, Archaeology and more.

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Our Selection of XRF & LIBS Analyzers and Other Supplies

EON proudly represents and sells Sciaps XRF and LIBs analyzers for field portable elemental analysis. Instruments are available for sale or rent and we offer accessories and supplies for maximum efficiency in the field.

Sciaps High Purity Argon Gas for Z200 LIBS
Order ARGON gas canisters and maintenance supplies for Sciaps Z200 and Z200C+ LIBS analyzers from EON for convenience and excellent customer support.

Sciaps X Series XRF Analyzers
Quick, convenient, accurate. Our handheld, portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers by Sciaps employ the latest technology using the Android operating system with Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and more to move your test data easily to where it’s needed. Reliably determine the presence and concentration of metals and potentially-hazardous metals in almost any material.

X-Ray Supplies
Our field kits, test stands and supply items streamline sample preparation and testing during XRF environmental sampling of soil, lead dust, powders, liquids and more – use these products on your next project.

Metal Analyzer for Rent
Sometimes renting can be the most cost-effective choice – select from our X-Ray Fluorescence analyzers available for rent, and we’ll be available to offer advice, training and assistance, 24 hours a day, during the duration of your project.