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Accurately identify metal alloys or measure metal elements to the low parts-per-million in in the field for many diverse applications, with our XRF and LIBS analyzers.

EON experts have been assisting customers for more than 20 years with handheld instruments that provide accurate measurements of the elements present in their materials, using high-quality portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers, and more recently, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometers (LIBS) analyzers. These "Guns" are used to identify which elements are present and at what concentrations, in metal alloys, earth materials, plastics and other materials. 

  • Alloy instruments are used for; Scrap Sorting and Metal Alloys identification, Positive Materials Identification (PMI), Precious Metals Analysis, Pipeline Certification, and other metal identification and verification applications.
  • GeoChem instruments are used for; Mining, Environmental Soil Analysis, Testing for Lead in Paint and Hazardous Metals in Plastics, Consumer Goods, Forensics, Archaeology and more.

EON provides applications assistance and training, and we have the accessories and supplies that make sample preparation, testing, and data collection faster and easier.

Our Selection of Sciaps XRF & LIBS Analyzers and Supplies

EON proudly represents and sells Sciaps XRF and LIBs analyzers for field portable elemental analysis. Instruments are available for sale or rent and we offer accessories and supplies for maximum efficiency in the field.