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Personal Safety: General

Environmental Safety Equipment

Protect yourself and your team in the field with our environmental safety equipment! Browse from our selection of environmental safety products below, which include first-aid kits, safety glasses, hearing protection, respirators, safety vests and more. Each of our products is guaranteed to be high-quality and delivered on time!

EON offers a wide range of safety-related products that can protect you when using environmental field supplies, rental equipment and more. To learn which environmental safety equipment might be best for your next project, talk to our team of experts – call

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Environmental Safety Products from EON

Browse our selection of environmental safety products available online below:

EON stocks the basic personal safety items that help keep you safe and healthy. Check for Vests, Traffic cones and other items as you order your project equipment.
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Environmental Safety Equipment and Products | EON Pro | First Aid Kit

Our convenient portable first aid kits for vehicles and worksites come in a variety of sizes.
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Safety Caps

Our selection of safety caps and hard hats meet ANSI standards and provide properly-fitted protection and comfort.
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Ear Plugs

Earplugs are a common piece of environmental safety equipment at most worksites – choose from corded (two plugs strung together on a light cord) or un-corded options!
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Traffic Cones

These highly-visible, orange traffic cones are available in a variety of sizes, with weighted bottoms for increased stability.
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Safety Glasses

Select from our list of popular glasses, or custom order your preferred style. Many lenses are available in gray or dark colors for outdoor glare reduction.
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Safety Vests: Basic

Our basic, Class I safety vests are intended for use away from traffic – available in two bright colors, with lightweight mesh fabric.
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Safety Vests:  ANSI Class II

These Class II safety vests are ideal for workers who need increased visibility near traffic greater than 25 mph.
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Safety Vests: ANSI Class III

These Class 3 safety vests provide optimal visibility for workers near high-speed traffic or in poor weather conditions.
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Products 1-8 of 8