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    EON manufactures a line of stainless steel weights to pull passive samplers, tubing, absorbent socks and other lightweight tools into position in monitoring wells. Our weights are available in a variety of diameters to fit wells as small as 3/4-inch and a variety of lengths for maximum sinking capability. All weights are contaminant resistant, EPA recommended stainless steel and can easily be cleaned for reuse.

    Solid Cylindrical Weights: feature an integrated "eye" connection at one end for connecting to the bottom of a rope tether or tubing.

    Solid In-Line Weights have an "eye" connection on both ends for connecting multiple weights in-line for a heavier deployment.

    Top Collar Weights are hollow cylinders through which water can pass and are useful at the top of HydraSleeve samplers to push the top of the samplers as close to the bottom of the well as possible while letting sample water enter the sleeve.

    SuperSleeve Weights are two-part, screw together assemblies for the top of the SuperSleeve to push the top of the sampler as close to the bottom of the well as possible.

    Barbed Tubing Weights have barb-type threads that enable the weight to be screwed over the outside of small diameter tubing to keep pump tubing from curling in the well and to pull it into position.into position

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Weight: SST Standard, 1.5in diam X 1in long w/ eyebolt 8 oz
    In Stock 1 $15.00
    Weight: SST X-Heavy, 1.5in diam X 2.5in long w/eyebolt 20 oz
    In Stock 1 $19.50
    Weight: SST Inline X-Heavy, 1.5in diam X 2.5in long w/2 eyebolts 20 oz
    In Stock 1 $23.90
    Weight: SST 5/8in (0.625-in) diam X 4in long w/ eyebolt 6 oz
    In Stock 1 $20.00
    Weight: SST 1in diam X 3in long w/ eyebolt 11 oz
    In Stock 1 $17.50
    Weight: SST 1in diam X 5in long w/ eyebolt 18 oz
    In Stock 1 $21.00
    Weight: SST Top Weight Collar for HydraSleeve, 1.625in diam X 5-in long 16 oz
    In Stock 1 $30.00