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Rope Storage Reels (FSR109 Handle & FSR111 Spool)
Rope Storage Reels -
Reel-Medium Economy/650ft - FSR125
Reel & Spool-Large Metal/800 ft max - FSR114

Rope Storage Reels

Storage Reels keep rope and suspension tethers clean and tangle-free and can make it easier for repeated deployment and recovery of equipment and samplers suspended in wells on rope. All EON custom tethers for passive sampling are shipped on reels.

EON offers a large selection of economically priced reels. Reels with removable/replaceable spools are popular because rope can be stored or shipped on a spool and the used by attaching a separate reel-handle to the spool. This is convenient and less costly than multiple complete reel & spool units.

Rope diameter and length determine what size spool is required. The size and price of the reel typically increase as the rope length and diameter increases. 

For short rope lengths we have inexpensive "H" shaped frames that are easy to use and store. For repeated deployment and retrieval, we recommend the geared reels that cause the reel to turn several times for each handle turn.

EON customizes many reels for field use by attaching a short cable and loop to which the rope is attached to prevent the free end of rope from spooling off and down the well.

Select Reels & Spools from the list below based on rope diameter, length and Reel features.

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Tether Reel: Plastic, light duty "H" shaped frame holds 150-ft of 3/16 poly rope
In Stock 1 $3.00
Tether Reel: Removeable Black Spool w/ attachment loop holds 250-ft of 3/16 poly rope (use with FSR109 Red Handle)
In Stock 1 $10.55
Tether Reel: Detachable Red Handle for use with FSR111 removable black spool
In Stock 1 $9.00
Tether Reel: Metal Economy, medium size holds 650-ft of 3/16in poly rope (removeable blue spool)
In Stock 1 $24.95
Tether Reel: Replacement blue spool for FSR125 reel, medium size holds 650-ft of 3/16in poly rope
In Stock 1 $14.20
Tether Reel: Metal, medium size holds 650-ft of 3/16in poly rope
In Stock 1 $63.60
Large Metal Reel with Wide White Plastic Spool for tethers, (Holds 800 ft. 3/16in poly)
In Stock 1 $84.25
Tether Reel: Metal, heavy duty large size w/ attachment loop holds 1000-ft of 3/16 poly rope
In Stock 1 $300.00
Tether Reel: Orange Plastic w/stand & attachment loop holds 750-ft of poly rope
In Stock 1 $24.95
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