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Class 3 Vests

Safety Vests: ANSI Class III

Lightweight mesh safety vests come in blaze orange or lime green colors and are ANSI Rated for appropriate visibility for specific applications. Available with or without silver or yellow reflective stripes to create visibility in traffic and construction areas. Velcro® closure and ties.


Class 3 vests provide the highest level of visibility for workers. Its use is for those working a variety of weather conditions and are near traffic greater than 50 mph. Class 3 vest requirements are a minimum of 1,240 inches of fluorescent background fabric with 310 inches of reflective material. These vests should be worn by construction crew, utility workers, survey crews, and emergency responders.

Basic Safety Vests

Basic Safety vests, ANSI Class 1, are for those separated from traffic such as warehouse workers, sidewalk maintenance workers and delivery vehicle drivers.

Vest contains 217 inches of fluorescent background material with 155 inches of reflective material.


Class 2 vests are used by those who are in need of greater visibility due to bad weather or activities requiring them to be near traffic over 25 mph. The Class 2 standard is 775 inches of fluorescent background fabric with 201 inches of reflective material.

Vest is intended for such workers as crossing guards, parking attendants, airport crews, railway workers, and law enforcement directing traffic.

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