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XRF Soil Sample Cups |
XRF Mylar Film

Rental: XRF Soil Sampling Supplies

EON stocks the supplies and consumables used to collect and store samples for XRF testing.

Supply items are mostly needed for environmental sampling of soil and lead dust, however when testing powders, small parts or liquids  for other applications, the same supply items can prove invaluable.

  • Soil Sample Cups
  • Lead Dust Wipes
  • Poly Soil Sample Bags
  • Hand Tools for Sample Recovery
  • Replacement front "Windows" for XRF Analyzers

Not sure what you need? Need help setting up a testing plan?

EON has over 16 years of XRF experience to share. We help with instrument selection, operator training, applications assistance to help your project move smoothly.

EON Sells, rents, and services Bruker XRF instruments

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
XRF Sample Cups, polyethylene plastic, 30.7mm 100 each
In Stock 1 $125.00
Mylar Thin-Film Sample Support for XRF, 6.0um; precut circles
In Stock 1 $110.00
Polyester Stuffing for XRF Cups, 6 oz. bag
In Stock 1 $3.50
XRF Film, Microporous Polypropylene, precut circles 2.5in diameter
In Stock 1 $100.00
XRF Sample Cup Kit for Soil (includes 50 XRF sample cups & mylar film and 3 oz poly stuffing)
In Stock 1 $83.50
XRF Sample Cup Kit for Soil. (includes 25 XRF sample cups and 1-1/2 oz poly stuffing). Also need Mylar film (XRF257) 1 Pkg No Charge with XRF rental
In Stock 1 $35.00
Lead Dust Sampling Wipes (meets ASTM E1792-96 requirements)
In Stock 1 $25.00