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    Portable XRF Analyzers quickly and accurately analyze all types, shapes and sizes of metal and display the Grade ID and Chemistry. XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) is a non-destructive technique which uses low-energy x-rays for identifying metal alloys and percent concentration of key elements.

    Manufacturing and process industries use portable XRF instruments for PMI, NDT, incoming materials inspections and Q/A. Recycling and scrap facilities use XRF for identifying, sorting, and valuing metals. < T h (SDD) models have additional light-element capability for Magnesium, Silicon, Aluminum, Phosphorous, and Sulfur measurement.

    Scrap Processing & Positive Materials Identification

    The is the standard in nonferrous scrap sorting and for results on a wide range of non-ferrous alloys. Identify stainless, Cr/Moly steels, low alloy steels, Ni high-temp alloys, red metals, titanium alloys, Ni/Co superalloys, 97-3 & Ta, exotic alloy and even precious metals and auto/industrial catalysts

    And, the is rugged, designed for outdoor durability - to withstand the tough processing environment for Scrap Sorting & Processing, with many user friendly features not found elsewhere.

    • Reliable ID in 1-2 seconds for most grades
    • Precise analysis of difficult grade separations 304, 321, P91, many low-alloy steels.
    • Tramp and residual elements can be controlled with high precision.
    • Sort and grade Aluminums in Air
    • Lowest Magnesium (Mg) measurement available
    • On-Screen comparison of the test piece with grade standards
    • Smart Sort speeds separation of similar alloys
    • Sort turnings, wire, other non-uniform materials

    Flow-accelerated Corrosion (FAC):

    Power Generation and Process industries benefit from exceptional low chromium measurement in a compact hand-held instrument.

    • The best handheld for low Cr measurements (down to 0.02% in carbon steels)
    • Engineered for in-service PMI,
    • proven on surface temperatures up to 900° F
    • Direct light element analysis - Mg, Al, Si, P, S .
    • Results are stored in non-volatile memory for later download
    • Test location and other ID can be entered and stored with readings.

    Instruments are selected and configured to match the application.

    EON has over 19 years of XRF experience and expertise to help with your metal alloy application, instrument selection and training. We sell and rentt XRF analyzers.