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    WaveData® Cellular Modem Systems: 

    These cellular modems provide communication from anywhere in the world where telephone access is available.  Site-wide radio systems can communicate with a single Cell Modem to make remote location accessible from the office. For added reliability and simple maintenance, battery packs and solar power options make their upkeep minimal. Cellular systems require a data plan from a wireless provider.

    • Compatible with most cellular providers
    • Sturdy polycarbonate enclosures
    • Operate on low power Available standard for the Verizon® and AT&T® networks, and can also be custom-engineered for other networks.

    WaveData® SimBox Cell Data Modem

    The Simbox collects and stores data from any number of Aquistar sensors then "Pushes" the data to a secure website on a pre deteremined schedule using common cell data modems. Users can log in to the site and download data from anywhere in the world via internet connection for a small monthly service fee.

    WaveData Wireless Data Collection systems are flexible, low cost and easy to use for logging and transmitting data from the field to wherever in the world you need it. Systems may be as small as one sensor or very large projects of hundreds of sensors networked together. Each WaveData device can be connected to one or more sensors to monitor such parameters as; Water Level, pH, Conductivity, ORP, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and Specific Ions. 

    Two WaveData Systems are available to fit your remote access needs; 

    • WaveData VZCOM Low Power Cell Data Modems for Aquistar Sensors
    • WaveData SIMBox GMS Cell Data Modem for Aquistar & other Sensors


    The WaveData VZCOM is a low cost, high performance, wireless data logger on the Verizon network that records data from up to 4 Aquistar sensors and sends the data to a secure website in the "Cloud" where is can be viewed and the data collection routine managed from anywhere in the world via the internet and a password. This super low-power unit is perfect for automated remote data collection, archiving, and alarming, eliminating the need for frequent & costly site visits.  Maximize data available for; trend and event monitoring, modeling, remediation control, early warning, and more.

    The VZCOM requires a monthly cellular data service plan similar to those used by “Smart Phones”

    SIMBox & SIMTube
    The WaveData "SimBox" is a cellular data modem with built in logger that connect directly to one or more Aquistar or other sensors to collect and store sensor data and then, on pre-determined schedule, transmit data to a secure internet website site via cell data modem. Authorized users can log into the site from anywhere in the world and data viewed or downloaded. The SIMBox is packaged in a environment resistant above ground enclosure while the SIMTube is packaged in a cylinder that easily fits into most well casing.

    The SIMBox provides one-way communication from the sensors to the website and cannot be reconfigured remotely however, it has extreme flexibility in the type of sensors that can be connected so, in a mixed sensor environment all your data can be collected and made available automatically and moved wirelessly over one robust system.

    The SIMBox requires a monthly cellular data service plan similar to those used by “Smart Phones”

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    WaveData VZCOM Logger and Wireless Cell Data Modem.
    In Stock 1 $1,650.00
    Monthly charge for VZCOM cellular data service and "Cloud" based Data Hosting.
    In Stock 1 $35.00