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Gas Sample Bags

Gas Sample Bags are used to temporarily store a sample of air or gas for later analysis. Bags are typically an inert fluoropolymer material such as Teflon. Fittings on the Bag allow for filling and discharging and usually adapt to tubing with barbs. Alternately, there may be a septum in place for syringe sampling. Bags are filled using a pump or vacuum chamber.
  • Strong, evenly sealed, and leak-tested seams
  • Ultra-clean top-grade materials
  • Lightweight all-in-one septum and hose/valve fittings
  • Choice of polypropylene, stainless steel, and PTFE fittings
  • Bags stocked for immediate delivery
  • Largest selection of bag materials and sizes
  • Custom sizes and configurations
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Bag: Gas Sample Tedlar, 7 x 7 w/ 2-n-1 poly valve. I liter capacity, pkg/10
In Stock 1 $148.60