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    XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) is a non-destructive technique which uses low-energy x-rays for identifying metal alloys and percent concentration of key elements. Sciaps portable XRF Analyzers quickly and accurately analyze all types, shapes and sizes of metal in seconds and display the Grade ID and Chemistry.

      Manufacturing and process industries use portable XRF instruments for PMI, NDT, incoming materials inspections and Q/A. Recycling and scrap facilities use XRF for identifying, sorting, and valuing metals.

      Sciaps X100 analyzer provides rapid and precise alloy chemistry and grade names for typical high-temp metal alloys such as Iron, including all the stainless steel grades, Nickel, Cobalt, and Copper based alloys.

      Sciaps X200 model has additional light-element capability for Aluminum (Al), Magnesium (Mg), and Silicon (Si). Sciaps X200 analyzers are fast and have the lowest Magnesium and Silicon detection limits.

      Sciaps super-fast X250 with the Fast Aluminum App is the perfect XRF instrument if your business depends on quickly sorting Aluminum scrap. Separate 90 % of aluminum grades in 2 seconds and the other 10% in 4 seconds! Still does all the alloys as the X200, only faster on aluminum.

      Sciaps X505 is the smallest, lightest weight handheld X-ray analyzer ever made. In terms of speed, it is second only to the X-550. Weighing in at 2.8 lbs. with the battery, it delivers the small size, blazing speed and high precision of the SciAps X Series in a perfectly balanced device.

      Sciaps X550 sets a new performance standard for handheld XRF. Weighing 2.98 lbs. (1.3 kg) with the battery, it’s the lightest, fastest, most articulate X-ray gun ever made.

      EON will help configure the right instruments for your needs! Ask about on-site demonstrations and training today.


      Results in as little as 1 second

      • User customizable Alloy library

      • Android operating systems with Wifi and Bluetooth built-in

      • Large, full-color touch screen

      • Lightweight

      • Fastest analyzer anywhere

      Scrap Processing & Positive Materials Identification

      Sciaps instruments are fast becoming the standard for sorting nonferrous scrap and identifying a wide range of non-ferrous alloys. Pull the trigger and in seconds separate and identify; Low Alloy Steels, Stainless Steel, Cr/Moly Steels, Ni Alloys, Copper and other Red Metals, Titanium Alloys, Ni/Co superalloys, Exotic Alloys and even Gold, Silver Platinum and other Precious Metals, and Catalysts

      The Sciaps X-series are field rugged and will provide years of useful service in the harsh outdoor world of scrap sorting and PMI.

      The Sciaps X50 & X100 (Standard Elements)

      • Engineered for in-service PMI and high temp scrap sorting
      • Results are stored in non-volatile memory for later download
      • Test location and other User Information can be entered and stored with readings
      • Optional "Turnings" App for accurate turings ID with minimum risk of damage
      • Internal detector protection

      The Sciaps X200 & X250 (Includes Si, Mg, Al measurement) has the above PLUS additional Features:

      • Superior analysis for light elements- Mg, Al, Si, P, S.
      • The FASTEST Aluminum sorting capability by far
      • Low Magnesium (Mg) measurement
      • On-Screen comparison of the test piece with grade standards
      • Speedy separation of similar alloys
      • Sort small pieces, wires and irregular shaped items
      • Test for Flow-accelerated Corrosion (FAC)

      The Sciaps X505

      • Delivers PMI for most alloys in 1 second with excellent precision
      • Measure Ni, Cr and Cu content down to 0.01-0.02% to verify the sum of the three elements is less than 0.15%.
      • Great on high temp alloys and precious metals.
      • Combined with highly optimal internal geometry, the X-505 measures silicon in steels below 0.1% for sulfidic corrosion applications.

      The Sciaps X550

      • Delivers PMI for most alloys in 1 second with excellent precision.
      • Optimized for key PMI applications like Residuals and Sulfidic Corrosion.
      • Designed for NDT, PMI users to access hard-to-reach test locations and welds. Measure 0.1% Si in steels in <7 seconds!
      • Featuring the Aluminum App: Sort all your Al alloys in 1-2 seconds.
      Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
      Sciaps X250 Fast Aluminum XRF Alloy Analyzer sorts ALL alloys and especially fast on aluminum, non-overlapping grades in 2-5 seconds. Sorts the most aluminum grades and has the best Mg chemistry.
      Configured to Order 1 CALL
      Sciaps X200 Hand Held XRF Alloy Analyzers for FAST and ACCURATE analysis of metal alloys, including light elements. Built-in user-customazable library of over 500 alloys.
      Configured to Order 1 $25,000.00
      Sciaps X100 Hand Held XRF Alloy Analyzers produce rapid and reliable results on basic ferrous alloys, Stainless Steels, Cu/Ni, Brass and other hi-temp metals or a few basic Aluminum series where Mg, or Si are not critical.
      Configured to Order 1 CALL