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    XRF Analyzers use low energy X-Rays to perform rapid, non-destructive testing or screening for hazardous metals in soil and in bulk materials where hazardous metal concentrations are expected in the parts per million (ppm) range. Perform rapid screening, for regulatory compliance remediation control or produce lab-quality quantitative data with additional sample preparation and presentation.

    Soil Screening & Testing

    Sciaps XRF analyzers rapidly identify and quantify metals contamination in soil. Field-portable XRF is an excellent tool for quickly and thoroughly screening or delineating a site, and for real-time excavation control, often by using the instrument directly on the soil with no additional preparation.

    For lab-quality quantitative results, soil samples can be prepared by drying and sieving and then tested in the field or office. USEPA Method 6200 provides guidance for the use of field portable XRF as an accepted analytical technique to meet regulatory compliance testing.

    Thorough site investigations proceed rapidly and reveal delineation and contamination patterns.

    • Make rapid decisions in the field

    • Define contaminated areas

    • Test soil cores and establish depth vs. concentration profiles

    • Use as a Go/No-Go to define hot spots where contamination exceeds regulatory thresholds

    • Establish soil specific test protocols to save time

    • Minimum number of confirmatory samples required

    • Avoid confirmatory lab testing of high-concentration samples

    Since Sciaps' XRF instruments are built on the Android operating system you have most communication functionality at your fingertips, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Data is stored on the instrument and can be download to you computer via USB, or WiFi. Automatically send your data to your PC anywhere in the world, as you collect it, using your hot-spot and the Synch "App". Email test shots right from the instrument!

    Do you need instrument or applications training?

    EON provides training to make projects run smoother and easier. Sciaps XRF analyzers do not use radioactive isotopes and are therefore easy to transport. Registration is required in all states, some states require a small fee.

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