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VZCOM Cell Data Modem
Rental: VZCOM Wireless Cell Data Modem -
Rental:WaveData VZCOM modem - RDC230
Monthly Cellular Data & Hosting Charge - WDC280

Rental: VZCOM Wireless Cell Data Modem

Rent the WaveData VZCOM high performance cellular data modem and collect data from a variety of Aquistar water level and water quality sensors and automatically send the data to a secure website in the "Cloud".  View and manage your data from anywhere in the world via the internet and a password. Eliminating the need for frequent & costly site visits. Data collection, analysis, archiving, and alarming are automated and that minimizes costly site visits. 

Each VZCOM handles one or more sensors that are rented separately for monitoring such parameters as; Water Level, pH, Conductivity, ORP, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and Specific Ions. 

EON Makes Measuring and Monitoring Easier for YOU with the VZCOM and our data collection rental promotion. Purchase or Rent a complete and economical solution for less cost per month than one day in the field!  EON provides training and configuration assistance.

Monthly data plan required for each VZCOM for cellullar data service and hosting; $35 per month

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Rental: VZCOM Cellular Modem for use with Aquistar Sensors. (Sensor Rental & $35 monthly data plan required separately) Daily: $70.00, Weekly: $70.00, Monthly: $210.00
Weekly and Monthly Only 1 $70.00
Monthly charge for VZCOM cellular data service and "Cloud" based Data Hosting.
In Stock 1 $35.00
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