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    LIBS (Laser) technology enables ultra-fast sorting and identification of metal alloys using a rugged hand-held "laser gun" that reliably identifies non-ferrous light alloys in 3-6 seconds! Easily identify, separate and know the chemistry of a large list of alloys in a flash! No X-rays, no radiation license, no flimsy X-ray detectors. 

    Scrap recyclers increase sorting throughput and earn more money.

    Inspection companies can reliably perform PMI and even verify carbon steels by grade or separate stainless steels into L-Grade, Standard-Grade and H-Grade.

    Manufacturers now have a tool for incoming inspections and Q/C that can reliability "see" light elements.

    Research, laboratory. forensics and mining all benefits from this handheld elemental analytics technology.

    Featured Products 

    LBZ901 Alloy (Argon)

    LBZ901-QS (QuickSort Airburn)

    LBZ901-Dual Burn (Airburn and Argon) 

    LBZ902-C Plus Premium

    Identify and Separate Carbon Steel Alloys!

    The SciAps Z200C+ Premium measures carbon and other elements to the low values needed to separate and identify carbon steel alloys and to separate L-Grade stainless steel from Standard-Grades. It automatically uses the chemistry with carbon to calculate and display the Carbon Equivalence for welding. The Premium also provides the capability to identify and reliably sort aluminum, copper & red metals, stainless steel, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, and many more. Z200C+ analyzers are used in Power plants, Pipeline Inspection, Refineries and wherever carbon analysis and portability are important.

    Scrap Sorting?

    The SciAps LIBz series of analyzers for alloy identification reliably sort aluminum, copper & red metals, stainless steel, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, and many more, making it the perfect all around scrap sorter to replace your aging XRF analyzer. Little or no surface preparation required!

    Positive Materials Verification (PMI)?

    The high powered laser and rastered (moving) beam average test data over an area of the sample to help compensate for variability in the sample. Tune the instrument for alloy types for even greater precision.

    Specialty Alloys?

    Do you need to verify specialty alloys? Use the Profile Builder software to add your own custom alloys to the library without going to the factory.

    How Does It Work?

    The hand-held "gun" uses a pinpoint laser beam to burn a tiny amount of surface material to create miniature flashes of light that can be analyzed across the optical spectrum, to identify the elements in the alloy. Many in the industry recognize Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES), or the analysis of light emitted from sample materials. Our LIBS instruments use OES to determine the elements and their concentrations in metal alloys, earth materials and many more materials. Until now, OES analysis was only performed in the lab or by bulky, unwieldy cart based "Arc/Spark" systems. Laser is especially suited for OES and for identifying light elements that are difficult or can't be seen by XRF including; Aluminum, Magnesium, Silicon, Beryllium, Lithium, for Aluminum, Copper, Bronze and Carbon!


    Results in as littler as 3 seconds

    • Alloy library included

    • Large, full-color touch screen

    • Easy to grip handle

    • Compare results to grade chemistry on screen

    • Batteries last all day

    • More rugged than XRF

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    Z200 Laser Analyzers (LIBS) for Metal AlloySorting and Grade identification in bases; Al, Ti, Cu, Fe (including stainless steel grades), Ni, & Co.. includes; "light" elements;, Lithium, Beryllium, Magnesium, and Alluminum
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    LBZ200C+ Premium
    Z200 C+ Premium Laser Analyzers (LIBS) for Metal Alloy Sorting and Grade Identification, Includes "light" element analysis for Carbon, for Low Carbon Steel ID & Carbon Equivalency, Separate L-Grades from Standard Grades stainless steels.
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    High Purity Argon Gas for Sciaps Z200 & Z200C+ LIBS Analyzers. (SOLD IN Boxes of 10)
    In Stock 1 $70.00