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Latex Gloves

Gloves: Latex Powdered

Powdered Latex Gloves are are low cost and disposable natural rubber

gloves, commonly used for medical purposes and when handling supplies, biologic materials, non-hydrocarbon chemicals, and wash-water. 

Powdered gloves have a light dusting of cornstarch to provide lubrication so

they are easier to put on the hands.

Users should consider Powder-Free Gloves if the powder may enter samples

being prepared for chemical analysis and interfere with results.  

Users with Latex allergies should consider Nitrile or Vinyl glove


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Gloves: Latex Powdered size Small, box/100
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Gloves: Latex Powdered size LG, box/100
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Gloves: Latex Powdered size XL, box/90
In Stock 1 $7.50
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Gloves: Latex Powdered-Sm
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Gloves, Latex Powdered-LG
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