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    Check out our well maintained USED Equipment. All our used equipment is from our rental fleet and some items are only slightly used. Each item is provided with the manual and service/calibration records.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    USED: YSI 556 & Flow Cell, pH/Cond/ORP/DO/Temp, 4m cable. Includes: carry case, working sensors & calibration solutions. #6017, #7013, #6040 (10-Meter Cable), #11032: All In Good Operating Condition
    Qty Available Now: 4 1 $1,005.00
    Used: LaMotte 2020 Turbidity Meter #11011, 11012, 11013, All in Good Condition with case, vials and solutions.
    Qty Available Now: 3 1 $335.00
    (USED-Limited Qty) Geotech Geocontrol Pro Bladder Pump Controller w/Compressor, 12VDC #7002 Condition: Good, #11035 Condition: Very Good
    Qty Available Now: 2 1 $1,005.00
    (USED-Limited Qty) Controller for Bladder Pump. Deluxe Dual Range with Internal Compressor 12VDC Internal Battery & AC Charger. Use internal or external compressor. Works with any brand or model Bladder Pump
    Qty Available Now: 4 1 $405.00