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    Consumer Goods & RoHS /WEEE Analyzers

    Bruker Hand-Held Titan XRF analyzers allow rapid throughput for screening materials for the presence of hazardous metals including Lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) for regulatory compliance. The instruments are "smart" to work on a wide variety of materials such as plastics, painted metals, electronics and more. Built-in camera allows for aligning the test on specific features and photographically recording what was tested.

    The gun-shaped instrument can be carried from place to place for rapidly screening "in-place" materials. The use of an optional Test Stand or Mini-Stand allows the user to bring materials to the instrument and control tests from the user's PC.

    Screening  = Throughput

    For most items the results will allow the materials to be placed in one of three categories to quickly remove suspected items from inventory and keep "clean" items available. Categories are;

    1. No Hazardous Metals Measured (Pass)
    2. Very High Hazardous Metals (Fail) 
    3. Some Hazardous Metals  (Further Testing Required)   

    All tests are numbered in series and stored along with time and date stamp, X-ray test spectrum, concentration, and user entered sample information. Easy data downloading to Windows based PC. Software allows for printing certificates of analysis.

    Because Bruker XRF analyzers use miniature x-ray tubes (NO Isotopes!) they can be transported without special requirements

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