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    Regulators have different thread patterns to match specific cylinder sizes and they are available in different pressure or flow rates and therefore must be selected to match the cylinder and the pressure or flow required.

    EON stocks the regulators for common cylinders and for the meters we sell.

    Select from the Regulators below based on cylinder size and flow rate if regulated flow is required for the instrument.

    Calibration Gas comes in pressurized cylinders which  require a pressure or flow regulator to operate.

    A regulator is a valve device that screws on top of the cylinder, can be turned on or off to release the gas and controls the pressure or flow of gas coming from the meter. 

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Regulator Fixed flow rate 0.5 LPM flow (for 17L and 34L steel cylinders) w/ push button ON/OFF
    In Stock 1 $126.00
    Regulator 0.9 LPM Female (works with 17L & 34L steel cylinders)
    In Stock 1 $135.00
    Regulator 1.0 LPM Female
    In Stock 1 $135.00
    Regulator 1.0 LPM Male works with 221L & 103L steel cylinders and with 74L 58L 34L alum alloy cylinders
    In Stock 1 $135.00