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    Calibration Kits are available for a selection of air & gas testing instruments.

    EON carries Calibration Kits for the meters we sell. We can provide custom kits and kits for other meters on request.

    Select the Calibration Kit from the list below to match the Gas Meter instrument model.

    Calibration Kits include:

    • A cylinder of gas

    • A regulator

    • Tubing and accessories needed for calibration

    • A carry case

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Cal Kit: GX-2003 34AL cyl H2S (25ppm)+CO+CH4+O2, regulator with gauge & knob, gas bag, case & tubing
    In Stock 1 $395.00
    adds Calibration Kit to any new PhoCheck Tiger, includes 34L 100ppm isobutylene cylinder, regulator, tubing
    In Stock 1 $300.00