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    The ecoBump is a cylinder of personal gas designed to achieve the daily bump test requirements without having to deal with large cylinders and traditional regulators.

    The world’s most compact, precision cylinder, the ecoBump can fit into your pocket or glove compartment, providing a reliable, convenient solution. Equipped with the new push-button regulator, the cylinder is ready to go whenever or wherever you need it.

    Small and lightweight, the ecoBump is engineered to provide over 250 bumps per gas cylinder. With its sturdy and rugged build, ecoBump is easy to store, even in the most remote locations.

    In most cases, the ecoBump equipped with Isobutylene or Benzene can achieve a proper bump test within three seconds, offering the ultimate in safety.

    No hazmat fees for ground shipments makes the ecoBump more economical than ever to keep you and your workers bump tested.


    • Easy to carry, small package

    • 4" tall gas cylinder

    • Small and lightweight

    • Easy to store in remote locations due to rugged design

    • Inside volume allows for a DOT exemption, eliminating hazmat fees when shipping ground

    • Engineered to fit in pocket or glove compartment

    • Equipped with Isobutylene or Benzene

    • Completes proper bump testing within 3 seconds or less

    • Provides at least 250 bumps per cylinder

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    ION Science ecoBump Canister 100PPM Isobutylene
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