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    EON stocks the component and parts used to service and maintain the PetroBailer passive skimmer for light hydrocarbon recovery in wells 2-inches in diameter and larger.

    The CUSTOM Reservoir adds product holding capacity and requires an additional weight for operation. Replacement filter screw on to the top of the reservoir. 

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    PetroBailer, O-Rings for GRP105
    In Stock 1 $3.50
    PetroBailer, Additional Weight 1.35 lbs each (for use in extra reservoir)
    In Stock 1 $25.00
    Replacement reservoir for PetroBailer 2.5 ft long .26 gallon
    In Stock 1 $33.80
    PetroBailer, Replacement Weighted Point, 1.35 lbs each
    In Stock 1 $43.00
    PetroBailer, Replacement/Additional Reservoir 2 sections 1.25 ft each 0.10 Gallon each- CUSTOM
    In Stock 1 $35.00
    Replacement Filter for PetroBailer
    In Stock 1 $311.30