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Water Quality Testing Equipment, Sampling Products and Measuring Devices

EON is the world's leading supplier of passive groundwater sampling devices. Plus, we have all the water quality testing equipment and supplies required for traditional purge and sample groundwater monitoring projects. Our team of experts will use our own experience in the field to help you select the water monitoring equipment you need, and we can instruct you on how to best use our products for your next water quality testing project!

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EON's Products for Water Quality Testing, Measuring, Sampling and More

Please select from the categories below to find out more about our water quality testing equipment and our other high-quality products.

Water Level
Accurate water level measurements help identify changes in groundwater conditions, enable calculation of flow direction and rates, and accumulation of data to drive models for monitoring and cleanup.

Water Quality
Water quality testing instruments provide information about the basic temperature and chemistry of groundwater, separate from the contamination compounds. Changes in these parameters can indicate stability or new conditions that are related to the source or type of contamination.

Water Sampling & Pumping
We offer a wide range of pumps and bailers, and our team can help you select the best sampling techniques to meet even the most diverse project needs and conditions. We are the world's leading provider of passive samplers, and this enables us to provide our customers with a depth of knowledge in this field.

Well Construction
EON has the basic materials for small diameter monitoring well or piezometer construction. Our materials are selected for ease-of-use and to minimize installation problems. ASTM materials aid quality installations.

Groundwater Remediation
Most groundwater remediation projects are small to medium-sized, and EON has the basic absorbents, skimming and pumping equipment for an economical, project-sized solution.