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Passive LNAPL Groundwater Skimmers | EON Pro | PetroBailer

Petrobailer Passive Skimmer

The EON PetroBailer is a low price passive skimmer that is used to recover gasoline, jet fuel, or similar light hydrocarbons floating on the surface of the water in wells 2-inches diameter and larger. 

Lower the PetroBailer on a lightweight tether cord attached to the top of the well. Floating Hydrocarbon enters through the hydrophobic filter and fills the reservoir. Return periodically to remove the skimmer and empty the reservoir by unscrewing the top and pouring out the contents. Reinstall for continual product removal. 

Since it floats at the interface, the PetroBailer tracks water level changes and operates unattended.

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
PetroBailer 1.66in X 5ft holds 0.26 Gallon
In Stock 1 $369.00
PetroBailer, Replacement Filter
In Stock 1 $275.00
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Rope, Poly Braid 1/8inx50ft
Price: $2.95
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Rope, Poly Braid 1/8inx 1000ft
Price: $19.95
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Snap Connector, Plastic
Price: $1.50
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Locking Cap, T-cap 2in w/ring
Price: $10.50
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Product Details
  • PetroBailer is 1.66-in Diameter X 5-ft long 
  • Capacity  .26 Gallon
  • Re-Usable