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Commonly used in water sampling, bailers allow for simple, cost-effective groundwater retrieval. Generally consisting of a hollow tube, a check valve and a handle, bailers gather samples when lowered into the water by a tether cord. EON manufactures and supplies a variety of reusable and disposable water bailers in an array of materials, such as polyethylene, PVC, and FluoroPolymer (Teflon™-type). Ask about our SuperBailer or browse our line of products below to learn more!

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EON Standard Bailers
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EON's Standard Disposable Poly Bailers are used to purge and/or sample groundwater monitoring wells. They are manufactured of high grade, high density virgin polyethylene and are competitively priced. Rugged and Reliable EON bailers don't come apart or bend during normal use and they have special features that make them versatile and dependable in the field. We call these our "Standard Bailers" because they have the tapered ends and general look of many bailers in the market, but there is...

EON MiniBailer
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EON manufactures the Mini Bailer disposable polyethylene bailer for use in monitoring wells or in drive rod that is 3/4-inch diameter or larger to recover groundwater samples from temporary or permanent installations. The entire length is smooth to prevent hang-ups in tight spaces. The body diameter leaves a bit of extra space between the bailer and 3/4-inch casing to resist sand-locking. Our Deep-V check valve seals tightly to prevent sample loss.

PVC Disposable & Reusable Bailers
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EON stocks a variety of PVC Bailers for purging or sampling monitoring wells or drive rods larger than 1/2-inch. PVC is often used when sampling material considerations are less stringent.