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AirCheck 52 Personal Sampling Pump | Industrial Air Sampling Equipment Rentals - Air Samplers for Rent | EON
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Air sampling pumps draw air at a metered rate through filter media which traps particulates that can later be analyzed. The amount of particulates are correlated to the air flow rate to give the concentration per unit volume of air. Pump flow must be calibrated to properly determine the volume of air being filtered. Personal Air Sampling Pumps Personal sampling pumps are worn by the individual and are used to evaluate personal exposure. The Lightweight, Heavy-duty AirCheck52 draws air through...

Rental: Indoor Air Quality Meters
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TSI Velocicalc 9545-A Velocity and IAQ Meter/Logger The VELOCICALC® Air Velocity Meter 9545-A is like having multiple meters for the price of one. This meter simultaneously measures and data logs several ventilation parameters using a single probe with multiple sensors. It measures velocity, temperature and relative humidity; and calculates flow, wet bulb and dew point temperature. Ideal for optimizing HVAC system performance, commissioning, plant maintenance, critical environment...

Rental:Gil-Air Persnal Air Ea
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