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Rental Equipment

Gas Detection Meter Rentals
Rent Gas Detection Meters! Protect workers from explosive gasses, and to prevent asphyxiation when entering confined spaces using multi-gas meters. PIDs display the total amount of VOCs present in the air and can detect specific gas leaks. Meters are calibrated and checked prior to rental.

Metal Analyzer
Hand-Held XRF analyzers can be rented for specific projects or occassional needs to identify hazardous metals in soil, plastics, consumer goods and the instruments can be used in mining applications for excavation control and element identification. Manufacturing and recycling industries use our XRF instruments for quickly identifying metal alloys and precious metals content.

Groundwater purging and sampling pumps of every type are in stock and available for environmental sampling. Since we have all types of pumps we can help you select the pump selection to fit the project.

Soil Sampling & Testing
It makes sense to rent soil sampling tools from EON for that occassional project. Recover loose soil or advance shallow boreholes with Hand Augers and Soil Core tools.

Water Level & Interface Meters
Water Level Meters and Interface Meters are a staple of groundwater monitoring projects. When you don't have them on the shelf, you can get them from us! Lower the probe into the well on the interval marked cable. The surface reel buzzes when water or LNAPL is contacted.

Water Level & Quality Logging
It's easy and inexpensive to monitor water level and water quality parameters in wells or surface water and collect data to drive models and plan projects. Our loggers record to user requirements and can be left unattended.

Water Quality Meters
EON maintains a large rental fleet of single and multi-parameter water quality meters for checking water chemistry for pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and more. Want to record water quality over time? Ask about our Water Quality Loggers. We keep well maintained equipment and we can show you how to use it.

Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling
Breathable Air can be tested for the presence of particulates such as metal dust or mold spores that may adversly affect the health of those in the environment. Air samplers provide information about the amount or type of particulates in the air.

Sound Measurement
Rent Sound measuring equipment from EON to check compliance with OSHA standards and monitor for a safe equipment operator environment.

Survey Equipment
Location, location, location. Rent survey equipment to pinpoint and document field locations.

Specialty Equipment
EON rents equipment that isn't readily categorized with other equipment. Check here to see items that may be needed occasional. Can't find what you need? Just ask!