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Soil and Soil Gas Sampling Tools and Kits

EON provides a selection of the finest-quality soil and soil gas sampling tools and kits that can be used in many applications – whether you need to recover soil vapor, intact soil cores, sludge or other materials, our soil sampling kits can help you collect samples quickly and easily.

Readily available from our online store, our soil sampling tools and kits include durable hand augers, soil coring instruments, soil vapor probes and more – many are available in different types, lengths and connections, so you’re sure to get the right tool for the job.

If you’d like to learn more about our soil sampling and soil gas kits to determine which product is right for your next project, call our experienced team at 1-800-474-2490 or contact us online today.

Soil Sampling Kits and More from EON

Our high-quality soil and soil gas sampling tools and kits are available for sale and for rent – view our complete selection by clicking on the links below.

Hand Auger Soil Sampling Kits and Components
Hand augers provide a convenient way to manually advance shallow holes or collect samples of soft soil. The user turns a T-shaped handle connected by extension rods to an auger head or “bucket” that cuts, captures and allows soil to be removed from the hole. We sell comprehensive hand auger kits, as well as individual components that allow for quick and easy assembly.

Soil Coring and Soil Sampling Kits
Need a representative sample that remains as intact as possible upon removal? Soil coring kits and tools can do just that – choose from our selection of slide hammers, soil core liners, basic kits and more.

Soil Gas Vapor Sampling Systems
Our soil gas vapor points and probes provide an inlet to collect gas samples from beneath the soil surface. Available in temporary or reusable kits, these tools are convenient for a number of jobs, such as monitoring landfills, tank or pipe leaks, sub-slab vapors, hazardous waste sites and more.

Soil Sampling and Testing Tools for Rent
When renting is the most cost-effective option for your next project, EON can help! We rent out a variety of high-quality, inspected soil and soil gas sampling tools and kits, including hand augers and XRF analyzers.