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EON Products offers several types of soil gas vapor sampling systems and equipment to help you collect and sample soil gas vapor from shallow depths, either by using temporary soil probes or permanent soil gas points.

  • Our soil vapor points are a low-cost option for soil gas vapor sampling, ideal for obtaining samples from beneath the soil’s surface or beneath slabs when monitoring spills, leakage, waste or more.
  • Our soil gas vapor probe can temporarily extract vapor from up to four feet below the soil’s surface. This option is made of stainless steel and is reusable!

Questions about what type of soil vapor sampling systems or equipment to use? Call 1-800-474-2490 or speak to our experienced team for more information or for a quotation. You can also browse our broad collection of soil sampling and soil gas collection tools!

Soil Vapor Points
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Soil Gas Vapor Points are small, dedicated stainless steel points that provide a simple and low cost method for obtaining gas samples beneath the soil surface, or under slabs when monitoring hydrocarbon spills, tank and pip leakage, landfills, hazardous waste sites or intrusive vapors.

GVP Soil Kit
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The Soil Gas Vapor Probe is a reusable stainless steel device for temporarily extracting vapor from the soil to a depth of about 4 feet. It is useful for checking beneath the soil surface when monitoring hydrocarbon spills, tank and pipe leakage, landfills, and hazardous waste sites. The probe is manually pushed into place with a rigid Extension Rod and our T-Handle or Drive Hammer. Inner rods prevent soil from entering the sampler during driving and are removed for sampling. Sample tubing is...