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Soil Gas Vapor Sampling Systems

EON Products offers several types of soil gas vapor sampling systems and equipment to help you collect and sample soil gas vapor from shallow depths, either by using temporary soil probes or permanent soil gas points.

  • Our soil vapor points are a low-cost option for soil gas vapor sampling, ideal for obtaining samples from beneath the soil’s surface or beneath slabs when monitoring spills, leakage, waste or more.
  • Our soil gas vapor probe can temporarily extract vapor from up to four feet below the soil’s surface. This option is made of stainless steel and is reusable!
Our soil gas vapor points and probes provide an inlet to collect gas samples from beneath the soil surface. Available in temporary or reusable kits, these tools are convenient for a number of jobs, such as monitoring landfills, tank or pipe leaks, sub-slab vapors, hazardous waste sites and more.
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Soil Vapor Points

Soil Vapor Points are disposable points pushed into the soil or under slabs and and left in place. The points have vapor inlets and a barb to which flexible tubing is attached for sampling.
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GVP Soil Kit

The Soil Vapor Probe features a pointed end pushed into place on a rigid rod assembly. Ports in the point enable vapors to be extracted from the soil through the rods to the surface.
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