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Petroleum Spill Kits and Hydrocarbon Absorbers | EON Pro | Hydrophobic Pads and Booms

Absorbent Pads & Booms

Our absorbent materials are used for soaking up ground spills or to absorb floating layers on a water surface. Hydrophobic material resists water and selectively absorb hydrocarbon. 

Select from a variety of pads, pillows, socks & booms. Custom size and absorbent materials available.

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Absorbent Pads 15 X 17 X 3/16 thick Oil Only hydrophobic, case/200
In Stock 1 $54.65
CLEARANCE! Absorbent Pads 15 X 17 X 3/8 thick Oil Only hydrophobic, case/100
In Stock 1 $38.00
CLEARANCE! Absorbent Pads, Oil Only 30 x 150ft Perforated Roll (can be separated into 15" x 15"/240 pads or 7-1/2" x 15"/480 pads)
Limited Quantity 1 $92.00
CLEARANCE! Absorbent Socks 3in X 4ft Oil Only (absorbs approx 1 gallon each), case/40
Limited Quantity 1 $98.50
Absorbent Booms 8in X 10ft Oil Only, case/4
In Stock 1 $140.00