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First Aid Kits

Every vehicle and every worksite should have a first aid kit for immediate response to minor scrapes, cuts, and aches. 

EON offers standard, packaged kits and can customize kits to meet specific needs. A small kit is packaged in a watertight plastic case. A large kit is in a metal case. 

All kits contain multi-sized bandages, cold pack, burn ointment, wipes, and more. Refills are available on request

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
First Aid Kit: Plastic, 10-Unit for<20 persons
In Stock 1 $21.95
First Aid Kit: Metal, for 25 persons
In Stock 1 $27.50
First Aid Kit: Metal, 24-Unit for 48 persons
In Stock 1 $57.70