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SST Replacement Motor

Stainless Steel 12 V Pump Replacement Motors

Proactive stainless steel 12 volt submersible pumps provide long-term, portable pumping capability in wells 2-inches diameter or larger. The rugged stainless steel housing can be immersed in contaminated water, removed and cleaned for the next well. These pumps are so useful and durable we keep them in our rental fleet.  

Select from a list of pumps for depths to 220 feet. The newest design accommodates light sediment loads during purging. All models have field replaceable motors, purchased separately.

Stainless steel pumps require a Power Booster or Low-Flow Controller, purchased separately. With the Controller, flow rates can be slowed to about 40ml per minute. 

Select the SST Pump model below based on pumping depth, flow rate & price.

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Replacement Motor Module- SS Mini-Monsoon
In Stock 1 $191.10
Replacement Motor Module- SS Mega-Typhoon
In Stock 1 $217.80
Replacement Motor Module- SS Monsoon
In Stock 1 $273.60
Replacement Motor Module- SS Hurricane
In Stock 1 $268.70
Replacement Motor Module- SS Mega-Monsoon
In Stock 1 $273.60
O-Rings for Proactive SST Motor Modules
In Stock 1 $5.00
Replacement Motor Module: SS Sample Champ
In Stock 1 $278.82
Replacement Motor Module: Abyss Pump,
In Stock 1 $335.30