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    EON's SoakSocks are economical absorbent socks that can be lowered into 2-inch diameter or larger wells and will selectively absorb floating hydrocarbon while minimizing water retention. They can also be used to soak up hydrocarbon from small gasoline and oil spills.

    SoakSocks are especially useful for wells with thin floating layers, even down to a sheen. They have attachment loops at the top and bottom for securing to lowering cord. An optional stainless steel, reusable bottom weight can be attached to facilitate lowering.

    An optional Snap Connector accessory makes it easy to attach a suspension cord to the bottom of a suitable well cap and eliminates tying knots when replacement SoakSocks are installed. 

    SoakSocks are disposable, but weights, clips, and cord are reusable.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    SoakSock: Oil-Only Absorbent Socks 1.75in X 24in (absorbs approx 0.20 Gallons each), box/20
    In Stock 1 $115.00
    SoakSock Oil-Only Absorbent 2.75in X 18in absorbs .45 gallons of products - One Loop Only - Price Listed is for Individual Soak Sock - Boxes come in increments of 10 Individuals
    In Stock 1 $74.00
    SoakEase: Refill Socks 2in, case/12
    In Stock 1 $114.70
    SoakEase: Canister for 2in SoakEase Socks (fits 2in Well)
    In Stock 1 $163.20
    SoakEase: Refill Socks 4in, case/12
    In Stock 1 $124.70
    SoakEase: Canister for 4in SoakEase Socks (fits 4in Well)
    In Stock 1 $215.50