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    Hand Auger Kits contain all the components needed for advancing shallow boreholes or obtaining sub-surface samples for soil sample recovery or the installation of shallow piezometers, monitoring wells, soil vapor points, and poles.


    Hand Auger Kits are available for each of the three distinct types of connections. The Kits below are manufactured with the HEX connection.

    HEX connections combine ease and quickness of assembly with a non-slip, rugged joint.

    The HEX is a six sided male end that fits into a larger diameter six-sided female and a solid pin is inserted from the side through both parts. The HEX provides strength for rotation and the pin keeps the parts together in the vertical directions.

    The kits below feature components all having HEX connections for medium to heavy-duty boring.

    A complete Hand Auger Kit consists of:

    • An Auger Head or "Bucket" which advance the boring by cutting into the soil and holding the looser material for removal. Several bucket designs and diameters accommodate differing soil types and borehole needs. Kits may provide several interchangeable Auger Heads. 

    • One or more Extension Rods are lengths of plated or stainless steel rigid rods that connect the top of the Auger Head to the handle. Depth is achieved by adding rods, one at a time as the borehole is advanced. Rods are available in 3-foot or 4-foot standard lengths. 

    • A Tee Handle, which is attached to the top of the uppermost Extension Rod, is used to rotate and apply downward pressure to the entire assembly for cutting into the soil. 

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Hand Auger SST Mini Kit 3-1/4-in. Iincludes: reg & mud bucket 4- 3 ft ext rods rubber-coated cross handle & poly canvas bag-HEX Connections
    In Stock 1 $1,292.00
    Hand Auger Mini Kit 3-1/4-in. Includes: reg & mud bucket 4- 3 ft ext rods rubber-coated cross handle & poly canvas bag. HEX Connections
    In Stock 1 $1,048.00
    Hand Auger Mini Kit 3-1/4in (includes: reg & mud bucket 4- 4 ft ext rods rubber-coated cross handle & poly canvas bag)
    In Stock 1 $1,070.00
    Soil Auger Field Kit 3-1/4 regular auger bucket.-HEX Connections
    In Stock 1 $371.50