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Rental: Bladder Pump Controller & Compressors

A complete Bladder Pump system includes; a Controller, a down-hole Pump End, Compressed Air, and Tubing. These components can be rented separately for mix and match capability or they can be rented as complete systems.  Below are the Bladder Pump Controllers rented by EON.

Geotech Geocontrol Pro Combined Compressor & Controller

The Geocontrol Pro is a lightweight bladder pump Controller with a built-in high performance air Compressor. Use with a 12 Volt battery and Bladder Pump to purge or sample monitoring wells to depths of 180 feet.

  • Compact and Portable - 9 lb. (4 kg) can be shipped or back packed anywhere!
  • Controls all portable bladder pumps, dedicated bladder pumps, and most air lift pumps on the market today
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection
  • Push/Pull tubing fitting for easy tubing change
    Optional AC Adapter available
  • CE rated

Geotech Geocontrol 2

Geotech's Geocontrol 2 bladder pump controller utilizes advanced electronic logic to control both high rate purging and gentle low flow sampling. Simple to use, accurate microprocessor controlled on/off timers are utilized to recreate expert techniques for low-flow sampling. The Geocontrol 2 high-pressure solenoid activated valve delivers even in the deepest sampling applications.

The Geocontrol 2 can be used with any bladder pump system with the use of simple quick-connect adapters.

  • Operates on 115V AC or 12V DC
  • High pressure operation to 300 psi (20.5 bar)
  • Low flow sampling
  • Built-in pressure regulator and gauge
  • High accuracy timers
  • Adjustable fill rate control

The Geocontrol 2 Requires a separate Air Compressor.

Bladder pump systems require a Pump End, Controller, Compressed Air Source and Tubing.

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Rental: QED Well Wizard 3020 Compressor Only , 12VDC Daily: $30, Weekly: $75, Monthly: $220
1-Day Rate 1 $30.00
Rental: QED MP40 Compressor Only -Gasoline (200ft Depth) Daily: $50, Weekly: $200, Monthly: $500
1-Day Rate 1 $50.00
Rental: Durham Bladder Pump Controller w/Compressor , 12VDC Daily: $45, Weekly: $135, Monthly: $405
In Stock 1 $45.00
Rental: QED MP10 Controller Only Daily: $60, Weekly: $220, Monthly: $600
1-Day Rate 1 $60.00
Rental: GeoTech Bladder Pump Controller w/Compressor, 12VDC Daily: $45, Weekly: $180, Monthly: $450
1-Day Rate 1 $45.00