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    Larson Davis Noise Dosimeters

    EON rents the Larson Davis Spark 705 Noise Dosimeters because they are easy to use and completely sealed in an extruded metal housing, with no controls or display to tamper with or damage. The basic model Spark 705 is configured by the user with a Windows PC to start automatically and gather noise exposure data at the intervals you select, unobtrusively, time after time. Capable of storing up to fifty separate tests in a memory that can never be accidentally erased - even with the battery removed - the 705 creates a concise, one-page report with all your compliance data and a clear graphical picture of your noise exposure profile.

    Larson Davis Noise Calibrator

    The Larson Davis CAL150 Class 2 Sound Calibrator is a battery operated, temperature compensated precise calibrator for use Spark 705 Sound Level Meters and with 1/2" diameter microphones and a range of other Sound Level Meters and Dosimeters. The use of adaptors allow the calibrator to be used with 3/8 and 1/4 microphones.


    - Calibration frequency = 1kHz

    - Output Sound Pressure Level is select-able from 94 or 114 dB re 20Pa (0.3dB)

    Casella Digital Sound Level Meter

    CEL-240 & 254 Digital Sound Level Meter are general purpose sound level meters used for simple noise measurement tasks and are suitable for many everyday noise applications. Complies with all the ANSI and IEC accuracy specifications in the Type 2 category. This is an ideal instrument for industrial hygiene measurements of noise in the workplace. Powered from 3 x AA alkaline batteries and will run for up to 35 hours. Runs continuously when powered from a mains-to-USB style adaptor or from a computer.

    � Wide range from 30 to 130dB
    � Large graphic LCD screen 128 x 128 pixels
    � Slow, Fast and Impulse time weightings on A or C scale
    � Current, highest and time average noise levels shown in monochrome LCD display
    � Large numeric and analog bar graph display
    � Output to computer for simple data logging with pc
    � Auto calibration at either 114 or 94 1 kHz decibel level
    � Scrolling sound level display



    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Rental: Larson Davis Noise Dosimeter 5 Pack Rental calibrator included Daily: $140, Weekly: $420, Monthly: $1260
    1-Day Rate 1 $140.00
    Rental: Larson Davis Noise Dosimeter, LD705 Daily: $30, Weekly: $90, Monthly: $270
    1-Day Rate 1 $30.00
    Rental: Larson Davis Noise Calibrator Daily: $15, Weekly: $60, Monthly: $150
    1-Day Rate 1 $15.00
    Rental: Casella Sound Level Meter, CEL?254 Daily: $35, Weekly: $105, Monthly: $315
    1-Day Rate 1 $35.00