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    XRF Soil Analyzers provide simultaneous non-destructive multi-elemental analysis of over 24 toxic metals simultaneously including the 8 RCRA metals in soil and other non-metallic bulk materials. Measure to concentrations in the low parts per million range. Used for site investigation, contaminant mapping, excavation control, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and more.

    These easy-to-use, hand-held, portable instruments use low-energy X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and can be used for rapid screening or to provide lab-quality results in seconds. Test readings and precision are displayed and updated as the reading progresses. All tests are numbered in series and stored along with time and date stamp, X-ray test spectrum, concentration, and user entered test site information. Easy data downloading to Windows based PC.

    Because analyzers use miniature x-ray tubes (NO Isotopes!) they can be transported and most states have inexpensive registration for use.


    Outstanding performance on Cr: LOD's of 5-10 ppm Cr in Soil Achievable

    Provides excellent performance on Pb, As, Cr, Ti and Ba

    • EPA Soil Testing Method 6200

    • Meets OSHA Methods OSA1 and OSS1

    Optional Accessories

    • Soil-Foot: On-the-ground stand for unassisted direct readings on soil

    • Soil Extension Pole: Standup right and initiate tests on soil as you walk along

    • Portable Test Stand

    • Xplorer GPS/GIS package integrates GPA data with instruments readings

      EON provides everything needed including; state instrument registration, instrument training and applications assistance!

      Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
      Rental: Test Stand for Delta XRF Analyzer Daily: $25, Weekly: $75, Monthly: $225
      1-Day Rate 1 $25.00