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    EON Rents Helium Gas Meters for Soil Vapor Leak Detection

    To ensure a representative soil vapor sample is recovered the vapor point installation is tested for leaks. The space at the surface around the vapor point is flooded with helium, usually under a shroud. A preliminary sample is drawn from the vapor point and quickly analyzed using this accurate and highly portable helium meter. The presence of helium in the initial sample indicates a leak between the surface and the vapor point intake.

    • The ION Science G3 meter used Photoionization Detector technology to measure the helium concentration in the vapor pulled from the installation. The standard calibration is in the equivalent units of helium.

    • Want to find leaks involving other gases? The G3 can be calibrated to other specific gasses prior to rental for other leak detection applications.

      Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
      Rental: Rental: ION Science Gas Check G3 Leak Detector. Available for Helium Gas Detection. Hydrogen,Refrigerant,Sulphur Hexaflouride,Carbon dioxide,Argon,CH4 Daily: $100, Weekly: $300, Monthly: $900
      1-Day Rate 1 $100.00