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Bladder Pumps for Minimally Agitated Water Sampling | EON | Geotech portable GPB315
Bladder Pumps

Bladder Pumps

EON sells and rents Geotech portable and dedicated Bladder Pumps for groundwater sampling with minimal agitation to depths of 1 to 1,000 feet.  Geotech pumps are an excellent choice for low-flow sampling and are available in dedicated and portable configurations. 

 Our pumps were designed with input from field technicians who actually do the sampling. We know from experience, having these pumps in our rental fleet, that they are reliable and easy to use. Pumps disassemble easily and replacement bladders slide securely into place without the need for cumbersome "grab plates".  Sizes from .675-inches to 1.66-inches enable sampling from wells as small as 3/4-inch diameter.

For most applications less than 100 feet deep, we recommend the portable Geocontroller  a small, highly portable, self contained Compressor & Controller in one.

Extra bladders are readily available in Teflon® and Polyethylene for all models

A complete Bladder Pump system requires 4 components:   

  • Pump
  • Compressed Air Source
  • Controller
  • Tubing (sized to match the pump fittings)

Note: GPB315 (1.66-in Bladder Pumps) use .170-ID tubing for air and 1/4-ID tubing for water. All other pumps use .170-ID tubing for air and for water.

 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Bladder Pump 1.66-in Dia. x 18-in stainless steel with Teflon Bladder. (Uses .170-ID & 1/4-ID Tubing)
In Stock 1 $669.00
Bladder Pump 0.850-in Dia. x 18-in stainless steel with Teflon Bladder. (Uses .170-ID & .170-ID Tubing)
In Stock 1 $603.50
Bladder Pump 0.675-in Dia. x 18-in stainless steel with Teflon Bladder. (Uses .170-ID & .170-ID Tubing)
In Stock 1 $603.50
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Tubing,0.17x1/4in Dual Bonded LDPE
Price: $350.00
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Tubing, LDPE 0.17inIDx1/4OD100
Price: $11.10
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Tubing, LDPE 0.17inIDx1/4OD500
Price: $34.50
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Tubing, LDPE1/4inIDx3/8inOD100
Price: $16.80
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Tubing, LDPE1/4inIDx3/8inOD500
Price: $68.60
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Tubing, TLPE.17inIDx1/4inOD100
Price: $148.00
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Tubing, TLPE.17IDx1/4OD to 500
Price: $1.85
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Tubing,Teflon 0.17inIDx1/4inOD
Price: $2.25
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Price: $2.90
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Bladder Pumps are powered by Compressed Air or nitrogen delivered to the pump through flexible Tubing from the top of the well. For sample integrity, the air never touches the water.  A Controller is required to cycle and vent the air to the pump. 


  • Three pump diameters available; 0.675-inch, 0.85-inch, & 1.66-inch
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel
    For unsurpassed durability and truly
    representative samples
  • Easy-to-open housings
    No special tools or training required to service the pump. Single turn release head for easy decontamination.  
  • Quick-change bladder configuration
    In the field Bladder changes without tools. Just slide back the Teflon® collars. No "grab plates"!
  • Custom hose barbs allow the pump to be secured to tubing without the need for tubing clamps.
  • Optional Drop-Tube assembly available for sampling from greater depths.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on dedicated stainless steel systems.
Click on the link(s) below for product specifications and/or manuals.

Geocontrol 2 Manual
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