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    Auto-Cal solution is a blend of solutions used to calibrate several parameters on a multi-parameter meter at once. Solutions must be compatible with instrument models.

    Contact EON for service advice or assistance.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Cal Solution Auto Cal: 500ml: Level 1 (pH4 4.49mS/cm Cond Turb 0.0 NTU DO)
    In Stock 1 $37.99
    Cal Solution; Auto Cal Level 1 (pH4, 4.49mS/cm Cond, Turb 0.0 NTU, DO), 4 Liter
    In Stock 1 $60.00
    Cal Solution Auto Cal: 20L: Level 1 (pH4 4.49mS/cm Cond Turb 0.0 NTU)
    In Stock 1 $211.80