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Water Quality

Water Quality Meters, Testers and Kits from EON

EON offers a wide selection of capability and functionality by stocking top brands and models of water quality meters, testers and kits! Our selection includes convenient pocket-sized testers, single-parameter and multi-parameter meters, advanced data collection and remote data access systems to fit any need. If you need water quality data for any purpose, EON can help!

If you are interested in water quality testers and meters, you may also be interested in other important environmental monitoring products, such as groundwater sampling equipment and field supplies.

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Browse our Full Line of Water Quality Meters and More

Find specific information, such as measurement capabilities and user-friendly features, about our water quality meters, testers and kits by clicking on the links below!

Our ultra-portable pocket-sized water quality meters and testers provide quick, convenient, accurate readings. These small, reliable testers can measure single or multiple parameters and many have advanced features, such as automatic shut-off, long battery life and automatic temperature compensation.

Single-parameter water quality testers allow your team the ability to quickly check or perform recurring tests on a specific parameter, such as dissolved oxygen. With large digital readouts and fast calibration, a single-parameter meter may be the best choice for your next job.

Need to check multiple water quality parameters, but want to use a single tool? Our high-quality multi-parameter meters for water quality testing have the ability to check for pH, temp, DO, EC, ORP and more using only a single probe.

EON gives you options! Our highly-accurate water quality sensors are available with built-in logging systems that store data automatically or send data automatically to our secure internet “Cloud” for easy and immediate access from any location in the world. We offer both cabled and cable-less sensors for monitoring a range of parameters.

Projects vary, and so do equipment needs! Sometimes the most convenient and cost-effective option is to rent water quality meters, testers or kits. EON’s rental fleet contains high-quality data logging sensors, remote data collection systems, and single and multi-parameter testers.

To consistently provide accurate readings, water quality meters require regular service and reliable parts. Browse our selection of service parts to ensure your instruments are performing at their best.

Regular calibration is necessary for your water quality meters to maintain correct readings. Check out our selection of calibration solutions today.