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Active LNAPL Hydrocarbon Removal and Recovery Systems | EON | FAP
FAP Pump

FAP Pneumatic LNAPL Skimming System

Eon Features the FAP pneumatically operated system for actively skimming floating hydrocarbon from wells 2-inches and larger or from vertical casings installed in intercept trenches where free product accumulates. The FAP is effective for petroleum liquids such as gasoline, diesel fluid, hydraulic fluids, and heating oils up to #6-grade. All installed components are pneumatic for use in flammable environments.

The FAP Plus consists of a flexible-body bladder pump that is suspended in the well above the liquid layer. A skimming float is attached to the bottom of the pump and floats at the product/water interface. A hydrophobic filter on the float separates the product from the water, down to sheen, allowing only hydrocarbon into the pump chamber where it is then pumped out of the well through discharge tubing. A second intake port located above the interface, allows product to bypass the filter and flow directly into the pump when the hydrocarbon layer is thicker than a few inches. This speeds recovery and reduces filter maintenance.

The standard skimming filter assembly intake accommodates up to 36 inches of vertical travel and tracks water level fluctuations.

A complete installation requires: 

  • A FAP skimming system with floating skimmer
  • Compressed air source
  • Air and recovered product tubing bundle
  • Containment for recovered product
  • A special well cap, or clincher, with pass-through tubing fittings to allow adjustments to pump depth settings
  • A shut-off device turns the system off when the containment tank is full.

An optional High Water Shut-Off is recommended to prevent water intake in wells with larger water level fluctuations. Special skimmers are available for intake of high-viscosity fluids or for use where there is minimal depth of water in the well below the product. An optional timer allows the system to cycle on and off to match inflow of product with removal rate.

Solar powered compressors are available to provide for remote sites.

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FAP Plus ZW Pump System, Internal Controller & Air Filter/Regulator (Tubing & Air Source sold separately)
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FAP Solar Air Compressor, includes GPR230 Tank full Shut-Off. Battery & Mounting Brackets separate as needed. (Does NOT include FAP or accessories)
In Stock 1 $6,133.00
FAP Plus ZW Skimmer Only, (Component for FAP Plus ZW GRP212)
In Stock 1 $659.30
FAP Skimmer Only, High Viscosity (Pump Tubing & Air Source sold separately)
In Stock 1 $693.30
FAP Skimmer Only, Standard (Pump Tubing & Air Source sold separately)
In Stock 1 $163.60
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Hose Assy: 3/4+1/4+3/8 bundle
Price: $7.70
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Well Clincher, 4in
Price: $142.00
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Well Clincher, 2in
Price: $94.00
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